The CSB Athletics Centre is a multi-use facility that combines sports league and tournament competition, high-level training, flex business centre and recreation all in one convenient centralized location.

This facility sits on 3 Acres of land with over 19,000 square feet of development. CSB Athletics Centre enables a variety of activities that infuse business and recreation. The centre features two full-sized indoor courts measured for basketball & volleyball, but can also satisfy vast other indoor activities. Offers 3,500 square feet for workout area for training and fitness, change rooms, an athlete’s sweatshop, lounge area, boardroom, concession stop and much more. There is a multitude of health and wellness related services available on-site to help you achieve your personal fitness goals and satisfy your fit-for-life family!

Facility users will find that the CSB athletics Centre was designed with the family in mind. Our facility centre is well equipped with free weights, universal machines, stationary bikes and treadmills. Our facility features ELITE Basketball Academy Training & Clinics as well as programs and services that include personal training, yoga, dance & martial arts classes, special events and more to accommodate our growing family of members. For those who would like to enjoy the outdoors, there is a public playground and a walking path that provides a beautiful city view.

Ideally situated, CSB Athletics Centre is located behind the Blackfoot Inn Hotel, around the corner from WESCO building. It is easily accessible within minutes from Chinook Station by public transit, or directly park as there is plenty of parking on-site.



To inspire today’s generation, to work together through cultural unity for a better tomorrow



A place to gather for healthy competition, training and recreation, while setting a tone of belonging for the benefit of all our members.

At CSB Athletics Centre, we strive for a welcoming, clean and safe environment to everyone who walks through our doors. We are committed to support your goals to maintain good health, enhance your desire to better yourself, and you can expect to be inspired to challenge your goals through hard work and determination. We operate as a team and help each improve, and foster an environment that is fun, rewarding and honest.